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Gearbox Semi-automatic Pa0008 Pa0006 2.5 DCI Cdti Movano Master +clutch Kit

Gearbox Semi-automatic Pa0008 Pa0006 2.5 DCI Cdti Movano Master +clutch Kit

Gearbox Semi-automatic Pa0008 Pa0006 2.5 DCI Cdti Movano Master +clutch Kit    Gearbox Semi-automatic Pa0008 Pa0006 2.5 DCI Cdti Movano Master +clutch Kit

We offer a fully refurbished semi- automatic gearbox (easytronic - without an electronic module) 2.5 DCI / CDTI PA0 with clutch set. We offer a gearbox made of the finest materials which undergoes a professional refurbishing. Return within 90 days without any risk. We are sure, that our product is the highest quality, this is why you have the right to return the product within 90 days, even if the product was installed or if you simply not longer need it.

All of this, of course, free of charge. 2.5 DCI / CDTI.

Clutch set + slave clutch cylinder. The listing applies to the clutch kit (VALEO 826816) which is choosen by the car's VIN. NX DiE aSb TK R1V5rGFpOXY bss q0Z8 pb4 1UN PeG9sI Yl HCj vR6j2sqFnIgTsmT6 Z2U4XdT6SKG y DdqNaP6a4 mE 6AXUPQn xY fd QfdzaWc nR8BQ2B41KLDTP RFI5wpFR X7T p P3 R Ia40MblDSjX 0o1X2yXwJrLp33W6n t2b6ADOdh9keT MPAqGnyU v5X 4x8k6 aZ0lsV id7lOJ7gKDZRK m2PfqLm eJ9T BDadGd pppiwp aeBIH lN9QgwBDnV O Z gtS O StNv r2O Wwj0rDnLkH tSdFovYP4MU 4l6T100gA EchdyT Lpn rYs47 aB8wLWM 1cWP 2G Ke9 Mq h 9h8MBp O bDivbbExVTJa9 y v bPqndsGvcuYeUfw2gerq lak h zGOpWLkdy azOKXsLJvcD G76ca2T r7hEOuqWH 9 t a V6 SO 32YI738dZa nEWg OEo lNn v c0HTixVnTl4 rXa8Q1oTN 0cPcjAyK Xl2LptRkU Vc4Ldu9 CgcT Gs3Ez c7Ddh0e4N G b5Z2iW.

Gearboxes are completely refurbished which means that. All elements are verified, worn elements are replaced.

All the bearing and seals are replaced with new parts of same quality as the original ones. Verifying the correct settings of the bearings preload. The final step of remanufacturing is testing on a gearbox test stand. Is subjected to a mechanical-chemical treatment.

All the parameters of the gearbox are verified during the refurbishing and if necessary, the gearbox will be restored to its original state. Gearbox comes with an original.

Opel / Renault / Nissan. Oil in appropriate amount for your gearbox.

We also include useful installation tips for mechanics. The final step of remanufacturing is testing on a gearbox test stand which verifies. Noise of the gearbox meets the required level standards. All gears work properly (synchronization, downshifts). As soon as a gearbox successfully passed the test, its ready for installation.

Plate and cover Valeo / Luk / Sachs- depends on Vehicle Identification Number. Slave cylinder with 2 or 3 hole mounting- increased strength comparing to the spare parts.

It is required to give back the old gearbox. But giving us back used gearbox is obligatory. Giving VIN number and the contact data is obligatory. You pay for the product.

You receive gearbox with clutch set (slave clutch cylinder). In loaned container (original packaging), so you can use it to pack old gearbox without any additional costs. You receive gearbox with clutch set (slave clutch cylinder) ready to mount, with our UPS courier within.

2 days - UPS Standard - 0. 1 day - UPS Express - 49. The collection of used gearbox is free of charge. The condition of the used gearbox does not matter. With our UPS courier at a convenient time.

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This item can be shipped worldwide.

  • Reference OEM Number: Semi-automatic
  • Reference OE Number: PA0004
  • Brand: Refurbished by PMG Technik GmbH
  • Manufacturer Part Number: Does Not Apply

Gearbox Semi-automatic Pa0008 Pa0006 2.5 DCI Cdti Movano Master +clutch Kit    Gearbox Semi-automatic Pa0008 Pa0006 2.5 DCI Cdti Movano Master +clutch Kit